Coup in Corealta

Arrival in Marovir

Ulrich Vajna, Don “Arson” DeLaFuego, and Illystria Vallemere reached the town of Marovir and entered without incident. Using his connections, Arson got into the lords’ council meeting. There, the three sellswords met with Lord Jorge DeLaFuego, Lady Alice DeViridian, Baron Gordo Euchist, Lord Martin Gramean, Lady Pidgi Tophill, and the other lords of Marovir. They discussed the occupation of Corealta by Lord Josef Bantoh and the arrival of an emissary from the blue dragons of Savrethix Stretch. The emissary was Agalon Nitraxius, who had come to question the black dragon Gyigorisin Fak about the hags’ voodoo. He told them that a witch known as Edmee had been spotted in Thewdamonga and Waterwatch, threatening the people and searching for a wand known as the “Wretch’s Bolt”. However, Gyigorisin Fak’s daughter Heir Fak bid him leave. So he came to Marovir to find answers. Gyigorisin Fak had recently named himself “Lord of the Marais Bayou” and decided to make a bid for the cities. With this impending threat known, the lords had been arguing about the merits of increasing defense versus the blocking of trade that would occur if more barricades were put up. After their short meeting in which Lady DeViridian and Ulrich argued at length, the forces of Heir Fak attacked the walls of Marovir and the siege began. The defenders drove off the first wave of blackscale lizardfolk and black dragons, but Marovir was cut off from help, and they are still trapped inside. That night, Arson looked into his hag’s eye and saw a vision of Grammard Telerian, alive and fighting.



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