Coup in Corealta

By the Grace of Gimrak

Leaving Dukanji Stardagger, Agalon Nitraxius, and Alex “Tink-Tink” with Brogg and the goblin army (who had taken to calling themselves the “Thunderfart Army”), the party made its way into the outer city of Gimrak. Victor Davion led the way, accompanied by Carelon and the two ninjas Wu Ping and Blasuke in the case of trouble.

The gold dwarves of Gimrak received the visitors at the Soaring Crane Inn. Harald the peglegged bartender and his uurna (large riding gecko) Elsie traded hot food and cold ale for bulette jerky. Victor and Carelon soon gained an audience with Councilor Azderak and the rest of King Ublun Azoril‘s council, including Falgrenn Earthshaper. Councilor Azderak told them that Gimrak could spare no forces to help Marovir and would not accept the aid of Karazgirn. When confronted on this, Azderak revealed the full terms of Karazgirn’s aid. They wished Gimrak to become a vassal kingdom to their own in exchange for their might. Falgrenn Earthshaper, a priest of Tonsa, interjected that there was one thing that may help, but was rebuffed for trying to win wars with mere legends. Victor and Carelon were more interested in Falgrenn’s story, and the council eventually agreed that a jaunt into the duergar-occupied undercity would be good for morale if the travelers were willing to go.

During this meeting, Wu Ping and Blasuke stole two uurna mounts and scaled the tower to listen to the meeting. They were caught, but allowed to keep the uurna in exchange for services rendered.

Falgrenn, Victor, Carelon, and the ninjas made their way to the holding pit, where Trousta “Crawdaddy” Glorzak was being held in order to prevent him from charging off into the undercity on a suicide mission. He was sober because he had already consumed the state building’s entire stock of booze. Falgrenn and Victor convinced Trousta to follow them down into the undercity in search of an ancient earth elemental, Gwaruunvoad, who might be able to reshape the tunnels or collapse a city or two, turning the tide of the war.

Along the way, Trousta led a raid on an outpost of duergar scouts, killing all they found there including a priest of Stygios and seizing an enchanted smith’s hammer. At the same time they accidentally summoned an efreet bound to the smith’s forge, and it granted Trousta one wish. He used it to make the efreet his “cousin”, sending it and its tiny fire elemental minion off to kill duergar in the undercity. It took that to mean all of them.

The party continued on its way, finding the caverns of Gwaruunvoad. Within they found many tonglins, Dao smoking silver dust and topaz in their strange gem hookahs, and even a few xorn trading for particularly tasty pieces of jewel work. They made their way to a great pit, where it felt as if the stone was breathing. They attempted to persuade Gwaruunvoad to help them, first with a simple request for aid, then with taunts from Trousta about its lack of importance. When this did not work, Falgrenn tried to ply it with friendship. It said it had had one friend, and did not care for notoriety, but as long as she was not forgotten it would be content. That friend was the first Daughter of Ravens, who with its help broke the first great Sarkrith Empire, freeing Enagia for other saurials and giants. She still lies in a tomb above Dworak, where a single shaft lets in moonlight still. However, she was forgotten by all save her keepers, and even they do not remember entirely who she is. When the party revealed they did not know, it agreed to help them in exchange for spreading her memory. They accepted a scroll of her exploits from a Dao and the elementals set to work. The earthkin sealed tunnels, collapsed cavern ceilings, diverted underground rivers, and broke rents in the ground to create nigh impassable chasms. With the duergar and drow crippled, even if they are not destroyed, the Gimrak gold dwarves are now free to aid in the liberation of Marovir.



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