Coup in Corealta

Expedition to Northenmarsh

When the voodoo doll tied to Lord Vican Correre was “stolen”, Grammard Telerian led the largest party of sellswords in memory into the Northenmarsh. This included famous local heroes such as Kellien Mistmaker, Maug Outhas, and Remulus, lesser-known regulars like Cirwyn Irongut, Ulrich Vajna, Victor Davion, Valindir, Ovgrim Valduum, Dukanji Stardagger, and Drake Skullcrusher, and even the new arrivals Don “Arson” DeLaFuego, Ehlonna, Illystria Vallemere, Persephone, and Serjie “Cencerro” d’Halion. The party was caught up in a terrible magical storm that drove the great beasts of the Northenmarsh into a frenzy. The group was separated and each of them had violent battles in the stormy swamps. Ulrich and Victor were captured by hags. Arson, Illystria, Serjie, Persephone, Ehlonna, and Dukanji reunited and helped free Ulrich and Victor. They interrupted the hags’ ceremony and took magical weapons. They found their way out of Northenmarsh and headed back to Corealta to find Grammard, but there was a surprise waiting for them…



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