Coup in Corealta

Heir Fak's Ultimatum

After Lord Sabelin d’Halion‘s ascension to Lord of Corealta, Serjie “Cencerro” d’Halion, Victor Davion, and Dukanji Stardagger went to Marovir and slipped through the lizardfolk’s lines. They entered the city and made their way to the makeshift mead hall for the unlikely defenders of the city. Interestingly enough, they found Jefferson Davion bartending at this place, serving drinks to the survivors of the last wave, including Agalon Nitraxius, Alex “Tink-Tink”, Carelon, Don “Arson” DeLaFuego, Illystria Vallemere, and Ulrich Vajna. They met and took up another shift on the wall. It was then that Heir Fak came to hear Lady Alice DeViridian‘s answer to her terms of surrender once again. In response, Serjie tried seducing her. She shot her acid breath up at the battlements. Agalon intercepted it with his lightning breath, and a battle of draconic power began. But as strong as Agalon was, Heir Fak was much stronger. She reflected the lightning along with her acid into the battlements, which exploded, severely injuring Agalon and Victor, and killing Serjie. Alex healed Victor and Carelon healed Agalon, and together they formulated a plan. Agalon flew down to the makeshift mead hall and got a keg of grimshgurgle from Jefferson. He and Ulrich tossed it over the wall at Heir Fak, and Victor hit it with a scorching ray, detonating it. The keg blew a huge crater in the ground and killed twelve adult black dragons in addition to Heir Fak herself. There were cheers all around the city, but it was a common sentiment that once Gyigorisin Fak heard of his daughter’s death that Marovir would be in more danger than it had even before. Jefferson decided to go back home to Corealta. Arson and Illystria stayed in Marovir with Lord Jorge DeLaFuego to raise the city’s defenses, and Ulrich, Victor, Agalon, Dukanji, Carelon, and Alex left the city towards the Gweriel Mountains and the wild elf settlement of Glazkerel in hopes of finding aid from them.



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