Coup in Corealta

Lord Sabelin's Ascension

In Corealta City, the sellswords who were rallying the men loyal to the Correres began missing two of their own. One of the captains of the militia had recognized Persephone from her warrant from Gwenlich, and in an attempt to garner favor with Gwenlich (and perhaps get assistance in repelling the invaders) arrested her. Persephone escaped arrest with the help of Ehlonna, and both of them fled the city. Meanwhile, Dukanji Stardagger snuck Serjie “Cencerro” d’Halion and Victor Davion into the Istabarakk-occupied half of the city. They met with Lord Sabelin d’Halion, who hatched a plan with his son. Lord Sabelin contacted Sir Ghalib Layth and bought him and his freeriders with a promise of the position of Lord Commander of Corealta’s military if he would only refrain from interfering. Lord Sabelin invited Lord Josef Bantoh to his manse, and there receive his returned son Serjie’s vow of fealty. When Lord Bantoh’s retinue arrived, Serjie slew the invading lord. Sir Ghalib stood by and did nothing. In the following days, Lord Sabelin claimed Lordship of all of Corealta, and with Sir Ghalib at his back, none dared oppose him. He paid Serjie handsomely for his services, and then promptly exiled him from the city in return for him running away from his family for so long. Serjie, Dukanji, and Victor left Corealta for Marovir, to discover what had become of their friends.



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