Coup in Corealta

Return to Corealta

Don “Arson” DeLaFuego, Dukanji Stardagger, Ehlonna, Illystria Vallemere, Persephone, Serjie “Cencerro” d’Halion, Ulrich Vajna, and Victor Davion returned to Corealta. From the remaining guards loyal to the Correres, they learned of the attack by Edmee and the Black Blade and the subsequent blood magic ritual and invasion by Istabarakk. They learned that Ghalib Layth led his men onto the mainland, destroying the home of Lord Anton Rerouille and taking Corealta under the orders of Lord Josef Bantoh. Victor went to The Orphium and found Trousta “Crawdaddy” Glorzak in the cellar, sober. Trousta left with a sword into the occupied territory. Serjie decided to try and make contact with his father, Lord Sabelin d’Halion, while Dukanji and Ehlonna organized the remaining militia. Persephone stayed quiet through most of the proceedings. Arson, Illystria, and Ulrich left for Marovir in an attempt to persuade Lady Alice DeViridian to give reinforcements.



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