Coup in Corealta

The Battle for Marovir

The lords of Marovir: Lady Alice DeViridian, Lord Jorge DeLaFuego, Lord Martin Gramean, and Lady Pidgi Tophill set up the defenses of the city. Bolstered by reinforcements from Corealta, the dwarves of Gimrak, and the goblins of the “Thunderfart Army”, the militia of Marovir set up strong defensive positions throughout the city.

On Stormtree Street, Trousta “Crawdaddy” Glorzak, Falgrenn Earthshaper, Carelon, and Alex “Tink-Tink” stood with the dwarves from Gimrak as the vanguard. Agalon Nitraxius functioned as mobile artillery with his breath weapon. Brogg and the “Thunderfart Army” fought on Bluerose Street, but were overwhelmed and decimated by the dragons. Brogg was eaten whole by a black dragon, but with his last strength, summoned a great explosion of lightning and exploded his killer, taking him with him to the afterlife.

Finally, the vanguard was overwhelmed and the battered defenders of Marovir fell back to Legacy Street, near the center of town. Three great wyrms landed in the city and began taking out swaths of warriors with every second. Victor Davion, Wu Ping, Dukanji Stardagger, Blasuke, Don “Arson” DeLaFuego, and Illystria Vallemere defended the city bravely from the rooftops with arrow and spell, but in the end, it was clear that there was no end to the dragons’ might or resilience. The city began to evacuate, and so too did the defenders. Tink-Tink died in the escape, as did Blasuke. Only Trousta, Agalon, Dukanji, and Wu Ping escaped without serious injury. Arson and Illystria both suffered great torso wounds and would not be able to adventure again. Falgrenn broke his right leg and now limps, a dragon’s claw took off Victor’s left ear, and Carelon lost his right hand in a bold charge against a wall of lizardfolk.

Less than half of the population of Marovir escaped the city, and even fewer made it to Corealta alive. Gyigorisin Fak won Marovir.



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