Coup in Corealta

The Gweriel Mountains

Ulrich Vajna led the way to his “home” of Glazkerel, followed by Agalon Nitraxius, Alex “Tink-Tink”, Carelon, Dukanji Stardagger, and Victor Davion. In the foothills of the mountains, they met four Nakti priests of Karnos. With the priests traveled two ninjas from Kodamaii: Wu Ping and Blasuke of the Feng-Huang-Shi clan. Carelon and Tink hid their holy symbols and kept mostly quiet throughout the meeting.

Suddenly they were attacked by a party of ten kobolds riding upon wyverns, who were themselves on a quest to kill a group of peaceful Nereniaus-worshipping ogres in order to steal ownership of their magical everbearing apple tree. One of the Nakti priests was killed, none of the travelers from Marovir were seriously hurt. They forced the kobolds and their remaining wyverns to retreat. Except of course for the two wyverns which were left mating in a field and the one shot in the head by Hank the Hill Dwarf, an itinerant firearm and firearm accessories merchant. The Nakti priests would suffer no outsiders to witness the funeral of their brother, so the adventurers had to part ways with them, as did the ninjas. For the time being at least, Blasuke and Wu Ping tagged along with the group from Marovir.

They entered Glazkerel after another two days of travel, and Ulrich received an icy reception. Kyndreai the Greenmother denounced him and took the Thorn of Glazkerel from him and refused to acknowledge him as one of their own, calling him Elduin Vin’vajna. He had been dishonored when he was captured years ago. To reclaim his honor and take his place among the wild elves again, Ulrich must go alone to Sinverdil and take Lieutenant Navoriel Ka’tule alive. If he brings him back to Glazkerel and then defeats him in combat and kills him, then he is absolved of disgrace and the wild elves will aid Marovir. Ulrich left north for the Sinverdil.

The rest of the group set out for Karazgirn. Along the way they met the stone giant sorcerer Tharaaz. He floated above a wall of boulders stuck together with blood. He revealed the presence of his army of goblins, and asked for tribute in exchange for “opening the wall.” Upon receiving his payment of two hundred and fifty gold pieces, he did in fact “open the wall” by turning the ground and lower levels of boulders to mud, which collapsed the wall on the adventurers. With quick reflexes (and in the case of Agalon prodigious strength), they survived, Wu Ping killed Tharaaz, and Dukanji took control of his goblin army.

Then they met Brogg, a somewhat insane and drug-abusing scrag Thorael worshipper who followed them to Karazgirn and waited outside for them to return. They truly wished he would leave them be, but he was sold on the idea of accompanying them. Then they met with Councilor Durvalac Oldhammer, who was speaking on behalf of King Markodim “Marko” Farel. Agalon, Carelon, and Victor tried to persuade the mountain dwarves to send aid to Marovir. The councilor told them of the dwarves’ own problems with the drow and duergar in Blackhold A’siet. Oldhammer agreed to help them in exchange for securing Gimrak’s acceptance of mountain dwarf aid in taking back Clanhold Dworak, and taking Brogg away forever. They briefly returned to Dukanji’s goblin camp to drop Brogg off, then they made their way to Gimrak to speak with the leaders there.



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