Coup in Corealta

The Treaty of Marais

Three months have passed since the black dragons under Gyigorisin Fak took Marovir. Since the last defenders fled west to Corealta or east back to the mountains, the dragons have been taking their time reappropriating the city to their uses. For a time, the folk were worried that they would move on Corealta next.

But there have been negotiations between Lord Sabelin d’Halion and Gyigorisin Fak. The Treaty of the Marais gave the black dragons all of the Marais Bayou including Marovir and the right to toll trade routes. In return, Corealta‚Äôs laws now forbid any citizen or sellsword from engaging Fak forces at any time. To break this law is to be condemned as an enemy of the realm. Another part of the treaty is that Victor Davion and Agalon Nitraxius are to be turned over to Gyigorisin Fak on sight. They are wanted criminals in Corealta. Jefferson Davion has been arrested and released, but he and the Orphium are being watched, as are the roads out of town and the sky above. Victor and Agalon are staying with Dukanji Stardagger in his loft house. The rest have resumed a semi-normal life in Corealta, though Don “Arson” DeLaFuego still refuses his father, and since the death of Blasuke, Wu Ping has been considering going back to Kodamaii.



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