The Voodoo Queen of Corealta.


Edmee is a squat, plump human woman with wrinkled skin that sags from age. However, her humble appearance belies her cunning and power.


Edmee grew up in Corealta, learning the art of voodoo from travelers through the swamp country. In time, her magic outgrew theirs and she went into the Westenmire to seek out the hag coveys and learn from them. They taught her the spells that she craved, but certain magics come at a cost. When Edmee returned to the city, she was not the same. Cunningly, she kept her nature hidden, and the city loved her for her medicines and poultices, and small-time divinations. Her ulterior motives would soon be revealed, as after saving Lord Vican Correre’s life from a hag from the Northenmarsh, she used the reward to hire the Black Blade to take the city. She framed the hags of Northenmarsh for a “stolen” voodoo doll, setting the expedition to Northenmarsh in motion. While the sellswords of Corealta were lost with Grammard Telerian, she struck. The Black Blade ransacked the city, taking what they could. But her treachery was not finished. With a voodoo ritual involving blood magic, she struck down every person in Lord Correre’s manse, whether Black Blade operative, servant, noble, or child. Having taken her first step toward infinite power, she left Corealta in a ruin, having no use for it. She has since been spotted in Thewdamonga and Waterwatch searching for a wand known as the “Wretch’s Bolt”, but further information is unavailable.


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