Heir Fak

Half-black dragon barbarian, and leader of Gyigorisin Fak's forces.


Heir Fak is eleven feet tall, thick-bodied, with heavily corded muscles rippling under her scales. Unlike most dragonkin, she is not charismatic or beautiful. She is little more than a feral beast, with all her intellect only driving her killing instinct stronger.


Heir Fak is the daughter of Gyigorisin Fak and an unknown female blackscale lizardfolk. She is Gyigorisin Fak’s favorite offspring, and the leader of his armies. She has laid siege to Marovir after refusing to even entertain Agalon Nitraxius, an emissary from the blue dragons of the Savrethix Stretch. She besieged the walls of Marovir, planning on starving the people out when not raining acid down on them. She came every night to offer surrender terms to the inhabitants. What she did not count on was the presence of sellswords in the city. She matched breath weapons with Agalon and won, blasting the crenelations to pieces, heavily wounding Agalon and Victor Davion, and killing Serjie “Cencerro” d’Halion. She met her match, however, when Agalon and Ulrich Vajna heaved a keg of grimshgurgle over the wall, and Victor hit it with a scorching ray. The explosion decimated her and her forces.

Heir Fak

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