Tag: Elf


  • Valindir

    Valindir was taken as a child from Glazkerel by the Black Blade and raised to be an assassin. During his years as a pawn of the Black Blade, he met a mysterious human sage who began teaching him the ways of nature. He recently abandoned the Black Blade …

  • Ehlonna

    Sellsword of Corealta. Has a strong friendship with Persephone and a dislike of Serjie Cencerro. She was part of the expedition to Northenmarsh and the resistance against Lord Josef Bantoh. During the fighting in Corealta City, she accompanied Persephone …

  • Persephone

    Persephone is from Gwenlich, a northern Enagian town near Waystone. Persephone was hired by some merchants to get their wares back from theives. She agreed to the job before she knew that the leader of said thieves was actually Lord Avenndis Su'broal, …

  • Navoriel Ka’tule

    Navoriel Ka’tule was the elf sent to recapture [[:ulrich-vajna | Ulrich Vajna]] from Glazkerel a few years ago. Since then, his men have used the wild elves as "final exams", raiding and burning their villages.

  • Kyndreai

    Kyndreai the Greenmother is the spiritual leader of Glazkerel. She is a druid who ascribes her entire tribe to the ways of Nereniaus and Vargasuul. She has recently denounced [[:ulrich-vajna | Ulrich Vajna]] and taken his sword.