Tag: Fighter


  • Grammard Telerian

    Grammard Telerian is the uninheritable son of House Telerian of Corealta. Through his rough-and-tumble youth, he brought dishonor to his family through bar fights and diplomatic incidents. He is very fond of his personal space, and if he feels that it has …

  • Trousta "Crawdaddy" Glorzak

    Trousta, son of Bousta, of House Glorzak, Clan Azoril, was once a proud paladin of the holy order Paldathra Olghar. The clan specialized in one thing: being holy lawkeepers of Paldath (dwarven god of war), and the ultimate fighting force of Gimrak. Like …

  • Remulus

    Remulus is a satyr from Enagia. He came to Corealta as a sellsword in 1621 AoVL. He has strong friendships with Maug Outhas, Kellien Mistmaker, Grammard Telerian, Trousta, and Lord Anton Rerouille. He left Corealta with the large strike force into the …

  • Navoriel Ka’tule

    Navoriel Ka’tule was the elf sent to recapture [[:ulrich-vajna | Ulrich Vajna]] from Glazkerel a few years ago. Since then, his men have used the wild elves as "final exams", raiding and burning their villages.