Dukanji Stardagger

Nakti goblin scout.


5’7", hunched posture, grey skin, and violet eyes. Shaved head hidden under an earthsilk turban. Always wears this turban with a pantherskin cloak and steel finger claws for climbing and combat.


Dukanji Stardagger is one of the Nakti goblins from far-off New Voranor. He was born in Stairnohairus, in Gadragan Nakti. He is one of the first of his people to venture out of New Voranor and into other lands. Dukanji has always been a wanderer by nature. He has strong friendships with Victor Davion, Trousta “Crawdaddy” Glorzak, Maug Outhas, and Drake Skullcrusher. He was part of the expedition to Northenmarsh, where he helped free Victor and Ulrich Vajna. He returned to Corealta with Victor, Ulrich, Don “Arson” DeLaFuego, Illystria Vallemere, Serjie “Cencerro” d’Halion, Persephone, and Ehlonna. He directed military strategies against the forces of Lord Bantoh. He was present at Lord Sabelin d’Halion’s ascension to Lord of Corealta, then left with Serjie and Victor for Marovir. He witnessed the death of Heir Fak and is currently on the road to the Gweriel Mountains for reinforcements for Marovir.

Dukanji Stardagger

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