Ghalib Layth

Human from Istabarakk. Former freerider and desert bandit. Now a knight and Lord of Istabarakk.


Ghalib Layth is a short, lean, craggy-faced man with dark skin and black hair.


Ghalib Layth spent most of his life in the harsh deserts of Istabarakk, raiding small settlements for water to sell at extorted prices. Though his efforts kept other indigenous peoples like the hobgoblins at bay, he preyed on the men of Port Istab as well. He was finally caught by his arch-nemesis Lord Josef Bantoh. However, it wasn’t long before Lord Bantoh approached Ghalib Layth with an offer. He was freed from prison and given a knighthood and lordship of Istabarakk. In return, he called all freeriders to his banner and led them onto the mainland under Lord Bantoh’s orders. They first raided Dalias Island, home of Lord Rerouille. With Ghalib leading the men, they swept Lord Rerouille away and took half of Corealta soon after. Ghalib Layth has been given the title of Lord of Istabarakk.

During the occupation by Lord Bantoh, Lord Sabelin d’Halion bought out Ghalib Layth and his followers. With the help of his son Serjie, they overthrew and slew Lord Bantoh. Lord Layth is now not only the Lord of Istabarakk, but a Lord Commander of Corealta as well. However, his loyalties extend only as far as his employer’s purse.

Ghalib Layth

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