Grammard Telerian

Captain of the Corealta Guard


Southern Enagian human. 6’5", covered in thick black hair. Cold grey eyes.


Grammard Telerian is the uninheritable son of House Telerian of Corealta. Through his rough-and-tumble youth, he brought dishonor to his family through bar fights and diplomatic incidents. He is very fond of his personal space, and if he feels that it has been violated, he will let you know. After work, he often hangs around in The Orphium. He is fond of spiced rum. He is known to be friendly with most of the sellswords around Corealta, as they contribute heavily to keeping the city safe. When Lord Vican was threatened, he led the largest group of sellswords in memory out into the Northenmarsh, where he was summarily lost. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Grammard Telerian

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