Kellien Mistmaker

Lemurian psion exile.


Tall and lithe Lanadori Lemurian. Striking pure blue hair, pale skin, and vibrant green eyes.


Kellien Mistmaker was born in Lanador to the famous (or infamous, pending one’s perspective) Mistmaker family. Being a descendant of the explorer Eraith Mistmaker only got Kellien so far once his strange psionic powers began to manifest. Tired of being treated like a curiosity and test subject by many of his people, he took a ship from the Lemurian Isles to Enagia. He made his way to Corealta and has been there ever since. He has strong friendships with Remulus, Maug Outhas, and Lord Anton Rerouille. He left with the expedition to Northenmarsh. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Kellien Mistmaker

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