Maug Outhas

Baalin scout, rogue, and druid.


Baalin. Bottom half is a seven foot long panther body. Upper half is a lavender torso, elvish in appearance. Close-cropped military style black hair. Black-eyed. Always seen with a hemp rope necklace adorned with holly and mistletoe.


Maug Outhas was a druid, and a follower of the teachings of Dimmidoris Treewarden. He learned his people’s love for nature as well as his people’s love for stalking the night. During his adolescence, he decided to forsake the Order of the Black Willow and strike out as a sellsword. He left New Ascaria and eventually made his way to Corealta. He gained fame and riches as a mercenary with the partnership of Remulus and Kellien Mistmaker. He has strong friendships with both of them, Lord Anton Rerouille, and with Dukanji Stardagger, who is somewhat of a protege. He was lost in the expedition to the Northenmarsh. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Maug Outhas

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